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Yacht Delivery Solutions

NZ Multi-hull Delivery: Effortless Journeys, From Whangarei to Wellington. Ditch the navigation stress, opt for a smooth catamaran or trimaran delivery across stunning NZ waters. Our seasoned skippers handle every detail, from Opua’s sun-kissed shores to Picton’s tranquil coves. Relax, your multi-hull’s in expert hands.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach: We chart seamless multi-hull delivery wherever your adventure calls, be it Wellington’s vibrant harbor or a secluded island paradise. We know the NZ regulations, hidden gems, and the secrets to a smooth, efficient journey.

Experience Anchored in Safety: Our skippers are multi-hull masters, with years navigating these diverse waters. Trust their meticulous planning, open communication, and unwavering focus on safety. Your precious vessel arrives flawlessly, ready for your next NZ adventure.

Beyond Delivery, Peace of Mind: We understand the thrill of multi-hulls. Contact us today for a personalised quote and complete peace of mind. Whether it’s your sleek Lagoon slicing through Whangarei or your adventurous Fountaine Pajot conquering the Tasman, we’ll orchestrate your NZ multi-hull journey with expertise and care.

Let us find a solution for your catamaran delivery. Ask us for an estimate.

Leopard Skipper

We’ve crossed the Pacific and Tasman countless times, expertly guiding Leopards from Auckland to Australia or Fiji and back, allowing us to ensure a smooth, comfortable delivery. Our in-depth knowledge of Leopards guarantees your peace of mind, knowing your vessel is in expert hands.

Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajots are renowned for their elegance and cutting-edge technology. Our highly experienced captains understand these yachts inside and out, having delivered them countless times between Picton, Opua, and across the Pacific from Auckland. We’ll ensure your Fountaine Pajot arrives flawlessly.

Lagoon Catamarans

Lagoons are our home away from home on the water. We’ve traversed the Tasman and sailed to and from New Caledonia, Fiji and even Asia in their spacious comfort, connecting NZ and The South Pacific. Their stability and practicality are well-known to us.

Catana Captain

Catana performance is famous, and we’ve unleashed it around New Zealand from Marsden Cove and across the Pacific. Their lightweight hulls and responsive handling are second nature to us, making NZ or Pacific island trips a breeze.

Yacht Delivery Solutions

NZ Multi-hull Delivery: Your Vessel Arrives Flawlessly. Let Yacht Delivery Solutions chart your catamaran or trimaran’s seamless passage across New Zealand waters. From Opua’s sun-kissed shores to Picton’s tranquil coves, we’re your expert crew, ensuring your multi-hull arrives flawlessly, ready for its next chapter.

Stress-Free Expertise, Anywhere you Choose: Relax knowing your precious vessel is in trusted hands. Our meticulous route planning, expert weather analysis, and seasoned crews handle everything, from fuel stops and customs clearance to onboard maintenance. You simply focus on what’s next, confident in your multi-hull’s immaculate arrival.

NZ Catamaran & Trimaran Specialists: Whether it’s your sleek Lagoon gliding into Whangarei or your adventurous Fountaine Pajot conquering the Tasman, we’re experts in every multihull, big or small. Trust us with your valuable asset, and experience the peace of mind that comes with flawless NZ delivery.

Leopard, Lagoon or Fountaine Pajot

NZ Multihull Delivery Tailored: Your Vessel, Your Journey, Flawless Arrival.

No two NZ voyages are alike, and neither are our deliveries. We tailor every multihull journey, from dissecting Tasman Sea patterns to meticulous pre-delivery inspections, ensuring your precious vessel arrives pristine and ready to chase horizons, not headaches.

Seasoned Hands, Every Multihull: Whether it’s your sleek Leopard slicing through Auckland or your adventurous Fountaine Pajot conquering the Cook Strait, our seasoned professionals know your vessel inside and out. No bolt goes unturned, no detail overlooked. Relax, knowing your multi-hull is in expert hands, expertly navigating not just water, but paperwork too.

Ready to Set Sail? Contact Us Today: Get a personalised estimate tailored to your specific NZ multi-hull delivery. We’ll answer your questions, chart your course, and handle the helm, and get the boat to where it needs to be.

Delivery Skills

Our team of experienced professionals handles every detail, from route planning and weather monitoring to provisioning and crew management.

Having a delivery skipper and crew on board with over 150.000nm of experience ensures every delivery goes like a dream. Contact us for any Leopard, Lagoon or Fountaine Pajot delivery.

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