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Expert Power Boat Delivery New Zealand and Pacific

Yacht Delivery Solutions

Southern Sea Savvy, Global Expertise: From Whangarei’s shores to Tahiti’s vibrant coves, our team navigates the South Pacific and beyond with confidence. We know the routes, regulations that make every delivery smooth sailing.

Experience Anchored in Trust: Mastering the handling of vessels like Nordhavns and Flemings for years, our skippers prioritise meticulous planning and unflinching safety. With open communication every step of the way, you can rest assured your precious vessel arrives flawlessly, ready for your next ocean chapter.

New Zealand to The Pacific: We understand boat ownership. Whether it’s a displacement trawler gliding to Opua or a game fishing boat heading to Marsden Cove, contact us today for a personalised quote and complete peace of mind. Let us complete your next South Pacific delivery, stress-free and unforgettable.

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Yacht Delivery Solutions understands the pedigree of your Nordhavn, delivering it with meticulous precision, unwavering dedication, and expert care. Your vessel will  arrive flawlessly, ready to begin its next chapter. Trust your legend to legends.


 Yacht Delivery Solutions specialise in the expert navigation of these exceptional vessels. From the exhilarating performance of the V65 to the serene luxury of the X88, our captains know their Princess Yachts inside and out. We handle every crossing with dedication, delivering your yacht, ready for your next ocean chapter.


Don’t settle for anything less than expert care for your Selene. Our skippers, intimately familiar with these exceptional yachts, navigate every crossing with meticulous planning and unwavering dedication. Enjoy stress-free delivery and impeccable arrival, ready to embark on your next Selene adventure.


Choose Yacht Delivery Solutions and experience the difference of expert navigation for your Riviera delivery. From the sleek lines of the Sport Yachts to the spacious luxury of the Flybridges, our seasoned skippers understand every nuance of these exceptional vessels. Trust us to chart a flawless course, ensuring your Riviera arrives precisely where your next adventure begins.

Yacht Delivery Solutions

From Whangarei’s river to Tahiti’s turquoise paradise, Yacht Delivery Solutions organises your South Pacific delivery. We’re not just skippers, we’re Ocean Navigators, guiding power yachts, flybridge yachts like the Princess, gamefishing boats, and iconic trawlers such as the Selene and Nordhavn. Trust our meticulous planning, expert skills, and unwavering dedication to ensure your vessel arrives pristine, ready to chase that dream in Fiji, Marsden Cove, or wherever your horizon beckons. Relax, the helm is ours, your ocean adventure awaits. Contact Yacht Delivery Solutions today and set sail!

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Nordhavn, Riviera, or Selene

We understand that every vessel and therefore every yacht delivery is unique, Which is why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From planning the route to ensuring the yacht is prepared for sea. We handle every aspect of the delivery process with coordination and precision. We are familiar with trawlers, game fishing boats or cruisers and have delivered Riveiera, Selene, Nordhavn amongst many others.

Yacht Delivery Solutions takes your power boats, trawlers, and sports fishers on voyages across the Pacific, Tasman Sea, and New Zealand coastline. From Tasman crossings to island hops in The South Pacific, we’re your expert delivery skippers and crew.

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