As a yacht delivery skipper, I recently had the pleasure of delivering an Oceanis 55 from the Gold Coast to Auckland. oceanis 55 delivery skipperThe journey was a true testament to the yacht’s exceptional design, performance, and reliability. Yacht Delivery Solutions, the trusted name in yacht deliveries, successfully completed this voyage, and we are proud to offer our services across New Zealand, Australia, the Tasman Sea, and even the Pacific Islands.

Layout, Engine, and Size of Tanks

The Oceanis 55 boasts a well-thought-out layout that maximises comfort and functionality. The spacious interior offers ample room for relaxation and socialising, while the practical galley ensures easy meal preparation even during longer journeys. The engine performed flawlessly throughout the delivery, providing the necessary power and efficiency. The generous size of the fuel and water tanks allowed for extended periods at sea without the need for frequent refuelling or resupplying.

Sailing Performance and Deck Set Up

During the crossing, the Oceanis 55 truly showcased its exceptional sailing performance. Oceanis 55 yacht deliveryDespite encountering a front with strong breeze, the yacht handled the conditions with ease, providing a smooth and stable ride. The well-designed deck setup made maneuvering around the yacht effortless, allowing for efficient sail changes and adjustments. The overall stability and safety of the yacht instilled confidence in both myself as the skipper and the entire crew.


The Oceanis 55 proved to be an outstanding yacht for the delivery from the Gold Coast to Auckland. Its layout, engine performance, size of tanks, sailing capabilities, and deck setup all contributed to a successful and enjoyable journey. Yacht Delivery Solutions is proud to have completed this delivery and is ready to undertake any delivery requirements across the region. yacht delivery solutions logoWhether it’s New Zealand, Australia, the Tasman Sea, or the Pacific Islands, we are ideally located and equipped to handle any delivery needs. Trust us to deliver your yacht safely and efficiently.

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