Sam Thorpe

Delivery Skipper

Flawless Crossings, Unmatched Expertise: Trust Sam to Chart Your Pacific Odyssey

Across the sapphire expanse of the Pacific, Sam’s reputation precedes him. From New Zealand’s rugged charm to both Australian coasts’ sun-kissed shores, his delivery record speaks volumes: satisfied clients, flawless timings, and a knack for exceeding expectations, even in rough seas.

Opua to Tonga, Whangarei to Tahiti, no island paradise is beyond Sam’s reach. He’s a navigator who reads the winds like a poem, a skipper who handles every crossing with meticulous precision and unwavering focus. Whether it’s a sleek Swan slicing through the Tasman Sea or a luxurious catamaran gliding towards Fiji’s coral reefs, he orchestrates each journey with the finesse of a maestro.

Stress-Free Sails, Every Nautical Mile:

Forget anxious land-waiting. Sam takes care of everything, from meticulous pre-departure checks to flawless route planning that anticipates weather shifts and optimises efficiency. You’ll receive crystal-clear communication every step of the way, from departure updates to island sightings, allowing you to relax and savour the anticipation of your Pacific arrival.

Beyond Deliveries, Your Pacific Partner:

More than just a skipper, Sam helps you navigate island customs with ease, and guides you towards authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences. Your voyage transcends mere delivery, becoming a tapestry woven with cultural threads and lasting memories.

Unforgettable Adventures, Tailored to You:

Every Pacific odyssey deserves a bespoke map. Whether you dream of diving Fiji’s vibrant reefs or exploring the untouched beauty of Samoa’s rainforest, Sam crafts your ideal itinerary. He’s your partner in adventure, your voice of reason in unexpected squalls, and your champion in discovering the Pacific’s hidden gems.

Trust Your Vessel, Embrace the Odyssey:

With Sam at the helm, your Pacific dream becomes a reality. Contact us today and let him chart your personalised adventure, one wave-kissed chapter at a time. Trust your vessel to his seasoned expertise, your heart to his open spirit, and your sense of wonder to his infectious enthusiasm.

From Opua’s shores to Tonga’s turquoise beauty, and every island paradise in between – Yacht Delivery Solutions