Simone Prociopo

Delivery Skipper

Your Yacht Delivery Captain Across the Pacific Oasis

From New Zealand’s vibrant shores to Tahiti’s turquoise dreamscape, Simone isn’t just a skipper, he’s your Pacific Ocean Sherpa. With 20+ years navigating the Tasman Sea’s whispers and Fiji’s playful currents, he knows these blue highways like the back of his hand. Mono or multi-hull, Swan or Fountain Pajot, your prized vessel becomes his extension, delivered seamlessly to your desired oasis.

Unmatched Expertise, Trusted Hands:

Forget map fumbling or weather worries. Simone’s expertise runs deep, forged from countless miles traversing the Pacific’s diverse tapestry. He reads currents like a sailor’s almanac, anticipates squalls with a seasoned eye, and guides your yacht with the precision of a maestro. Whether it’s a sleek Halberg-Rassy conquering the Cook Strait or a luxurious Lagoon catamaran gliding towards Bora Bora, he tailors each journey to your vessel’s unique temperament.

Stress-Free Voyages, Every Nautical Mile:

Seamless delivery is only half the story. Simone orchestrates meticulous pre-departure checks, ensuring your vessel hums with readiness. Crystal-clear communication keeps you informed every step of the way, from weather updates to island sightings. Relax on land, knowing your investment is in the hands of a captain who takes pride in every nautical mile.

Beyond the Helm, Your Pacific Ambassador:

More than just a skipper, Simone becomes your on-board confidante and Pacific cultural sherpa. He shares captivating tales of Polynesian legends under starlit skies, deciphers island customs etched in coral reefs, and guides you towards authentic village experiences. With him, your journey transcends mere delivery, becoming a tapestry woven with cultural threads and lasting memories.

Unforgettable Adventures, Crafted Tailored:

Every Pacific odyssey deserves a bespoke map. Whether you yearn for the adrenaline rush of surfing Fiji’s breaks or the serene beauty of Tuvalu’s turquoise lagoons, Simone crafts your ideal itinerary. He’s your partner in adventure, your voice of reason in unforeseen squalls, and your champion in discovering the Pacific’s hidden gems.

Trust Your Vessel, Embrace the Odyssey:

With Simone navigating the helm, your Pacific dream becomes a reality. Contact us today and let him chart your personalised adventure, one wave-kissed chapter at a time. Trust your vessel to his seasoned expertise, your heart to his open spirit, and your sense of wonder to his infectious enthusiasm.

From Whangarei to Tahiti, and every turquoise paradise in between, let Simone help with your delivery.